STOIC – for pure sound

Handcrafted in Germany

Vinylplayer, turntable, rack, wall mount, base, bracket, HiFi, HighStandArt, STOIC.

For an experience of sound that goes into your ear and under the skin.

Vinyl on the turntable is a sensitive passion, nothing disturbs the enthusiasm for music more than an impaired sound. Every vibration, however delicate is annoying, unless the fundament is right. HighStandArt delivers it: with the STOIC-Wallmount and the STOIC-Base.


Every STOIC combines all the features it needs for a perfect music reproduction. It decouples Hi-Fi devices completely and securely from vibrating floors, furniture or HiFi-racks and thereby from annoying vibrations and ressonances. For all HiFi-components. Be it analogue or digital.

The metal frame filled with sand, kills vibrations by its enormous mass, as well as the use of low-resonance materials such as natural slate or plywood. A hard, unsprung coupling between the frame and the support ensures that no swinging is produced. And last but not least, STOIC showcases valuable devices in an equally valuable way: high-quality workmanship of classical, timeless beauty. Handcrafted in Germany.


In short: Hi-Fi components are just as good as their setup. Each background affects the sound staging. And just as music needs the silence as the basis, good sound needs a stoic calm. Ideal sound needs a STOIC.