STOIC – for pure sound

Good sound requires stoic silence. Perfect sound requires a STOIC.

With the earworms of the 60s and 70s it began.

Up and down I played as a toddler the singles collection of my parents. And this on an old hat box turntable from the fifties with tube radio as an amplifier. Two passions thrust into my life. The enthusiasm for music. And for playback technology. For one thing I quickly realized: a sound impression is only as good as the technology allows.


From here, it was only a short walk to experimentation with the domestic reproduction technique. But the more sophisticated and high-quality my systems became, the more one showed above all: the individual components can only play their qualities fully on a stable and reliable background. In short: the basis is largely responsible for a good sound.


Compromises? But not on the sound!

The floor as a background therefore was excluded from my considerations: too many hardly controllable vibrations. So I was looking for a wall console that met my criteria: my requirements for stability and functionality and the protection of the devices from vibrations and resonances. As well as my idea of an elegant, homely design. I found none. So I had a platform to produce according to my ideas. With the support and experience of local carpenters and locksmiths the first STOIC was created.

The result was amazing. So far, my high-end vinyl record player with its sound quality was about the same level as the likewise very good CD player. But with the change to the STOIC, the record player left the CD player clearly behind. The fine graduation of the musical instruments is now much more nuanced, the sound remains stable even with live loudness levels. The basses are controlled, dry and contoured. And the timing is just perfect.


I like sharing enthusiasm.

Also colleagues and music professionals were enthusiastic. The step into marketing was the logical consequence. Since 2016 I trade under the name HighStandArt. So much pleasure finally wants to be shared. At home, by the way, after record players and power amplifiers all my other Hi-Fi components are also supplied onto the wall. If they are about to stay there is not so sure any more since the STOIC wall mount has got a serious competitor: the STOIC base as a further unshakeable fundament.

All that remains to be done is to search for further optimization options. And rediscover once again a good old recording.